What makes these puppets donated by MRI so special? Read what this donation recipient recently wrote in a newsletter about the IMPACT of your gifts to Ministry Resources International:

MRI first donated materials to me in 2007 before I left for a mission trip to Northern Uganda, then South Africa.  We’ve been using those items since then in alot of fruitful ministry to many people here in Africa.  Those puppets and other products have now ministered in five countries in Africa so far! Everyone seems to enjoy being taught with such things so much, including the street kids, children everywhere, and adults. Thank you very much MRI!! – Tammy Donahue, Nairobi, Kenya

Here in the States, we may take our children’s ministry resources, stuffed into Resource Closets for granted. But overseas, the simplest resource can be cherished for years! Would you consider a donation to MRI today? It’s impact could last for years and even minister in many places!

Because of the generous donations of our supporters, MRI was able to give away $1,267,800 – in Shillings to Uganda, that is – to purchase bibles for children.

Here is the thank you note we just received:

Dear MRI,

Thank you for the donation of US$ 500. We received UG Shillings 1,267,800- and used it to buy 78 children’s bibles. Each bible cost UG Shillings 16,000- (about US$ 6.66). These are smaller bibles in 4 editions: Parables of the Bible, Stories of the Bible, My Christmas Handy Bible and My First Portable Bible. They are very nice, educative and interesting bibles for young children.

Thank you very much for this grant which shall bring fruits of impact to the children’s evangelization.

Best Regards

We are only limited in the grants we can provide by the funds we have to give. Won’t you consider a GIFT TODAY!?

Dear MRI Members,

We would like to share this picture with you all.

Our church can not thank you enough for this blessing.  Our team is very excited and can’t wait to use these resources to spread the wonderful word of our Lord with the community here in Milford Delaware.

All in HIS name,

New H.O.P.E. Puppet Team

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Dear MRI

I want to thank you, and the fine folks of Ministry Resources International (MRI), for such a generous gift you have sent our ministry team! The items you sent will be used for many years, and many trips, as we continue to spread the Good News to the Navajo and their children!

Expect a blessed report with lots of pictures when we get back! Keep us in your prayers, as we will do the same for you and your fine organization!

Peace and the LORD’s blessings to you! To God be the glory! Amen!



Thank you so much for your generous donation. The hand puppets are perfect for using in my teacher puppet workshops, and I gave 2 to a principal in a village school. I will share the books and DVDs with both village schools where I will be working. The finger puppets will be used in the gift bags that we give our sponsored children for their birthdays.

The teachers are so hungry for anything to help them make learning more fun and enjoyable. And they are very excited about getting patterns so they can make puppets. Here’s a photo of a first grade teacher using a puppet that I gave her last year. The kids love it.

I will be implementing a writing program in grades 1-4, doing writing & puppet workshops for teachers, and school puppet shows. The writing program is being done with the Belize Ministry of Education, Literacy Unit.

Again, thanks much for your generous donation and God bless.

Charlotte H., Educational & Writing Consultant, Belize

When you GIVE TO MRI you help us make grants like this possible!

We love to equip those who are training others!

Here is another “Thank you” letter we just got from someone we recently provided with resources who was providing training to leaders in Mexico. It is a great example of how when you give to MRI your small donation can have a wide-spread impact across a large region impacting countless children, as you can see by the following note.

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Mr. MRI,

Today I returned from the seminar I presented to the students and area children’s workers in Torroen, Coahuila, Mexico. We had about twenty-five workers representing eight churches from the area. The school’s student body also represents an additional 12 cities throughout Mexico and Central America. The Children’s Ministry seminar I presented was 12 hours spread out over four days. Attached are photos (a group pic “Thank you”, attendees using puppets, and attendees making paper sack puppets).

It was a worthwhile, and greatly appreciated effort. Praise God as eyes were opened to the importance of ministry that is specific to children.

“Coach” Jonathan L. H.
Directing Minister, Riverside Resource Center
Executive Director, Sight For Sore Eyes Foundation, Inc.

Thank you for donating to MRI! Our mission to to provide funds and/or resources to those who are ministering directly to children or training those who do either here in America, overseas or on mission trips. If you need assistance in such in a project be sure to check out Who Should Apply and if your project, trip or event matches our types of grants we encourage you to apply. But no grants are possible without gifts. We are do have have a “fund” that provides for our grants, we are dependent on organizations and individuals who believe in what we are doing and choose to give as the Lord leads.

Will you?

It is always wonderful to receive a follow-up e-mail from those we have helped come to America for training and to see how they used what they learned and go here back in their home country. Recently Foluke B. wrote to us:

Dear Mr Dale,

How are you and Liz? Happy new year. I send my greetings from Nigeria as I am here for a few months then I am  going back to Kenya to round up my work I realized it has been a long time i have heard from you and i wanted to greet you. I did two puppet minstrations in Nigeria using all of the new puppets I got when i came to I-fest puppet conference and I also made props. I thank God and I thank You for giving me the chance to come. Here are pictures I took.

Foluke B.

When you support Ministry Resources International, you help us provide training and resources to childrens workers like Foluke all over the world! Notice that she is not only ministering to kids in her country, but traveling herself to other nations to reach other kids!

Won’t you consider a donation to MRI today?

MRI makes a difference in real kids lives all over the world.

Dear Mr.  VonSeggen,

Thank you once again for the grant towards my school fees.  I paid to the school the full amount that you sent me.  I am so glad that you gave. Right now there is only a small amount left to clear for this semester’s fees. It gives me so much joy to know that it has all been provided and that I will be able to take my  exams at the end of the semester.  I have already registered for the courses I will take.

I am forever grateful to MRI for your support.

May the Lord bless you.


[Edited to remove personal details only.]

When you give to MRI you allow us to help students like Lucy all over the world who are in training to minister to children. Thank you for your support.

When you give to MRI, you help us support young people like Lindsey, who recently returned from Mexico, where she writes,

“Thank you for sowing a seed into my life and the lives of the people of Mexico! What an awesome summer I spent ministering in many different places and more importantly spent loving and serving the people of Mexico!”

On of the joys we have at MRI, is getting to see the pictures that come into our mail box and e-mail inbox showing us the impact YOUR GIFTS are making around the world as your gifts of resources and funds are transformed into changed lives around the world.

Lindsey continues, “Two other places we traveled to and ministered at were the jungle region and the high desert region of Zacatecas. Our jungle adventure began with an eight hour car ride, and a jump in temperature from the mid-70′s in San Luis Potosi to the mid-90′s in Axtla!”

We ministered there for two days, performing dramas… we were able to share the Gospel and give our testimonies…. I knew very little Spanish but one of the little girls named Jessue took me by the hand and took me around. We helped a local pastor who is establishing a church and helped him by inviting people to the new church.”

You may never be able to travel to Zacatecas! But guess what? When you support MRI with your PRAYERS and GIFTS – you HAVE been to Zacatecus and indeed all over the world through the IMPACT you are making through our ministry, because with us, you are making a difference.

Thank you for your support and for helping us help young people like Lindsey every month!

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