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Posted by KBastian, October 22, 2015 8:17 pm

MRI helped supply a puppet and drama team who traveled to Bungoma in Western Kenya for a weekend of outreach.

Loading up the puppets for a ministry trip

Bungoma is about 420 Kilometers away & near the border of Uganda. As soon as they arrived on Friday they set up in town to minister and then again on Saturday and Sunday.

Setting up the stage

Each day hundreds of people watched and 6 people gave their lives to the Lord on Friday and then 6 again on Saturday.

The puppets sharing the Gospel

Kids love puppets!

On Sunday they ministered in a church. Thank you so much for our donor who gave $500.00 to make that possible. It was a big blessing. The team of 9 worked hard, did a great job and were blessed themselves. They are growing in Spirit more and more and getting more and more on fire for the Lord.

Thank you MRI!

Thank you so much. We hope to be able to do more and more outreach. The team has been ministering locally and we would like to travel again, possibly to Mombasa to minister there with a ministry friend.

YOU can help make gifts like this possible by giving to Ministry Resources International.

Thank you for your support!

Posted by KBastian, June 24, 2013 11:43 am

What makes these puppets donated by MRI so special? Read what this donation recipient recently wrote in a newsletter about the IMPACT of your gifts to Ministry Resources International:

MRI first donated materials to me in 2007 before I left for a mission trip to Northern Uganda, then South Africa.  We’ve been using those items since then in alot of fruitful ministry to many people here in Africa.  Those puppets and other products have now ministered in five countries in Africa so far! Everyone seems to enjoy being taught with such things so much, including the street kids, children everywhere, and adults. Thank you very much MRI!! – Tammy Donahue, Nairobi, Kenya

Here in the States, we may take our children’s ministry resources, stuffed into Resource Closets for granted. But overseas, the simplest resource can be cherished for years! Would you consider a donation to MRI today? It’s impact could last for years and even minister in many places!

Posted by KBastian, November 13, 2012 2:33 pm

Because of the generous donations of our supporters, MRI was able to give away $1,267,800 – in Shillings to Uganda, that is – to purchase bibles for children.

Here is the thank you note we just received:

Dear MRI,

Thank you for the donation of US$ 500. We received UG Shillings 1,267,800- and used it to buy 78 children’s bibles. Each bible cost UG Shillings 16,000- (about US$ 6.66). These are smaller bibles in 4 editions: Parables of the Bible, Stories of the Bible, My Christmas Handy Bible and My First Portable Bible. They are very nice, educative and interesting bibles for young children.

Thank you very much for this grant which shall bring fruits of impact to the children’s evangelization.

Best Regards

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