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Posted by KBastian, October 22, 2015 8:17 pm

MRI helped supply a puppet and drama team who traveled to Bungoma in Western Kenya for a weekend of outreach.

Loading up the puppets for a ministry trip

Bungoma is about 420 Kilometers away & near the border of Uganda. As soon as they arrived on Friday they set up in town to minister and then again on Saturday and Sunday.

Setting up the stage

Each day hundreds of people watched and 6 people gave their lives to the Lord on Friday and then 6 again on Saturday.

The puppets sharing the Gospel

Kids love puppets!

On Sunday they ministered in a church. Thank you so much for our donor who gave $500.00 to make that possible. It was a big blessing. The team of 9 worked hard, did a great job and were blessed themselves. They are growing in Spirit more and more and getting more and more on fire for the Lord.

Thank you MRI!

Thank you so much. We hope to be able to do more and more outreach. The team has been ministering locally and we would like to travel again, possibly to Mombasa to minister there with a ministry friend.

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Thank you for your support!

Posted by KBastian, April 29, 2015 6:20 pm


I wanted to let you know that I received Benjamin and am so excited to put him to use! I leave for Kenya in June and will send pictures as I go along!

Thank you to you and the MRI board for giving me this opportunity. I am so grateful and cannot wait to see the joy & healing that I am able to bring through this little character!



When you give to MRI, you help us equip people like Jen who are ministering to kids all over the world! Thanks!

Posted by KBastian, November 12, 2013 11:40 am

MRI is making a difference all around the world. And the wonderful thing is, it doesn’t take much to bless our fellow children’s ministry workers overseas. Just a few resouces, that we can take for granted in the States, can be a tremendous blessings when they are put into the hands of our brothers and sisters in far away places.

That is what Ministry Resources International is all about.

We are helping to spread the Gospel in distant places with creative resources that are often difficult for them to get. Tools that share the Good News of the Gospel,

Bible Story books,

Puppets and other resources that help them better reach and teach children for the Lord.

Good morning MRI,

We are indeed very grateful for the children resources which you send to us. we received them and the children and teachers and even the whole congregation were very happy. may the Lord bless the good work you are doing. we will be back to you as time goes by for more resources and also for teacher training which we also need very much to be able to effectively help the children grow in their faith in Jesus. attached are some of the photos we took during the display of the materials, hope you will be blessed. thanks.

Irene & Rev. Futesmus
Bibleway Ministries, Mombasa, Kenya.

When you give to MRI you are helping us equip these leaders and provide much needed encouragement as well.

Posted by Kidologist, February 3, 2011 12:54 pm

It is always wonderful to receive a follow-up e-mail from those we have helped come to America for training and to see how they used what they learned and go here back in their home country. Recently Foluke B. wrote to us:

Dear Mr Dale,

How are you and Liz? Happy new year. I send my greetings from Nigeria as I am here for a few months then I amĀ  going back to Kenya to round up my work I realized it has been a long time i have heard from you and i wanted to greet you. I did two puppet minstrations in Nigeria using all of the new puppets I got when i came to I-fest puppet conference and I also made props. I thank God and I thank You for giving me the chance to come. Here are pictures I took.

Foluke B.

When you support Ministry Resources International, you help us provide training and resources to childrens workers like Foluke all over the world! Notice that she is not only ministering to kids in her country, but traveling herself to other nations to reach other kids!

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