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Posted by KBastian, November 6, 2013 11:43 am

This is the beautiful smile of a children’s worker changing the destiny of children with the Love of God!

Greetings from the Mission Field,

At times I am beyond frustrated, misunderstood, lonely and not in control of the slightest thing but there is no other place I need to be.  There are many distractions that try to make me focus on what is meaningless instead of meaningful.  As I lay awake one night I heard this: “Do not let your ‘I’ve had enough’ make you give up….. always hope, always trusts, always persevere. For the world already has enough hate but never enough Love.”

Spending time with the children satisfies my soul. God is faithful and truly knows me better than I know myself.  I am blessed to be His and it’s only by His grace that I am here experiencing this adventure.

I am currently working with the Wesley Hostel Girls on M/W/F and going into South End Park Slum on T/Th…. Telugu lessons are going well and I moved up from the Kindergarten level to 1st Standard! I can actually recognize some of the letters in Telugu script on the street and try to practice speaking with my favorite bakery man and many others.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For all of your support and prayers. May you find peace today in the truth that God watches over you in adoration and loves you. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Peace in the East,


Hostel Girls Learning About “Bee Love”

Items as simple as balloons, taken for granted here in the States are a HUGE BLESSINGS when they are given to children’s ministry workers over seas.

“My girls holding up their notebooks I gave them which they decorated. They love arts and crafts and would color and draw for hours if I did not make them stop.”

Can you give to support MRI today? and help change kids lives around the world?

Posted by KBastian, October 31, 2013 12:06 pm

MRI enables children’s ministry resources common the USA to be a blessing to kids in far away places. Consider this thank you note we received this week from one of our grant recipients…

Dear MRI,

I am excited to report that the bee balloons went over well with the Wesley Hostel Girls! Since I am a one woman show I took your advice and handed them out in a controlled environment. I am looking forward to using more balloons in other projects.  Thank you so much for your support and prayers. The Lord is faithful and His love never fails. Our theme was “Bee Love”.  They are also holding up their “Banners of Love”

Peace in the East,



When you give to Ministry Resources International, you make grants like this possible. Even small gifts make a BIG difference when they travel to needy ministries overseas! (These balloons went to Hyderabad, India!)

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