Hello, My name is Dale.

I grew up in a home where we had missionaries’ pictures on our refrigerator. My mother was the missions president in our little church in southeast Iowa, and when missionaries came to our church, they stayed with my family. When I listened to the stories of far-off places and unusual cultures, and saw the slides of the missionaries’ ministries, a deep desire grew in me to some day “make a difference” in the Kingdom. God didn’t call me to be a missionary, but after three careers including teaching math, pastoring children, and founding and growing a ministry resource business, He led me to found “Ministry Resources International.”   MRI’s mission is to provide children’s ministry resources and training to worthy but underfunded children’s workers in third world countries, inner city ministries, and to ministry teams and individuals going overseas for training and ministry involvement.

My travels have taken me from the inner cities of Cleveland, Los Angeles, and many other American cities and small towns to 51 countries on every continent around the world. One thing stands out: we Americans are blessed in so many ways, and most of the world does not have access to the kind of resources and training that we enjoy and often take for granted. I have a saying on my wall in my office:  ”God starts His ministries so small that no one notices…and multiplies these ministries so that no one can measure their impact.” My prayer is that God will take this MRI ministry, and multiply its impact to encourage and bless children’s workers around the world.

You can help by making a donation through this web site. If you have resources to donate, we will do our best to get them into the hands of children’s workers that will be thrilled with a “gently used puppet” or other resources. The impact of Ministry Resources International is limited only by our funding.  See past grants to see the type of grants we make.  Won’t you consider partnering with us to “Make a Difference” in the ministry of some of God’s very special servants?

Dale VonSeggen

VBS Project
Kids Helping Kids

Children love to be a part of something that makes a difference for children around the world. Let us equip you in making your VBS one that helps children around the world learn about Jesus.

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Your event can make an impact!
If you are hosting a children's ministry event, considering taking an offering for Ministry Resources International.

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