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Posted by KBastian, July 3, 2013 6:35 pm

When you give to MRI, you help us bring ministry dreams to life! Consider this thank you note we just received!

Dear MRI,

Greetings in the name our Lord! I am not sure where to begin in sharing with you about my trip to Ecuador. If you recall, you sent me several puppets, music and other evangelistic tool to take with me to Ecuador. What an Experience! We ended up with 23 students who have registered for the course of study in children’s ministry. The class went well, finishing up with an awesome Spirit of God experience. The class it self was something I never dreamed of doing and it was such a privilege to teach a group of people who are so hungry to learn and to sharpen their skills in children’s ministry. Thanks to the scholarship money you sent three students were able to attend this first class and now hope to finish the course. Several years ago I had a dream to find a Spanish speaking work that was interested in developing a children’s ministry. What I wanted to do is to set up a Child evangelism center equipped with lots of materials. It would consist of Bible stories, music, puppets, visuals and much more. Then churches with fewer resources could come to this central location and check out items that they could use for what ever time they need. This way the less fortunate churches could still have resources at their disposal with out a financial strain. I would then offer to help teach and train these people on how to use the equipment. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the gift of resources…. Because you have had a vital part in making this dream come true. Now, I have been asked to order more materials to both help stalk the Child Evangelism Center in Quito. This also has potential of spreading to the countries of Colombia and Venezuela as they are already asking for us to go there. Only the Lord knows!

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